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Creating and maintaining schedules for your workforce can be time consuming and frustrating. Especially those of you who have complex 24/7 workplaces like hospitals and nursing homes where credentials and availability and time off requests and shift swapping make scheduling daunting. Automated and smart scheduling solutions can streamline these processes and cut costs. Schedulers are available in either hosted or on-premise versions. They can be used as stand-alone applications or integrated with an existing time and attendance system.

Smart Scheduling

A smart scheduling system will create schedules based on demand, skill, and availability. Schedule management is simplified by providing real time alerts and the ability to resolve issues as they arise, resulting in high quality schedules and increasing the productivity of your workforce.

Accurate schedules are automatically created based on a configurable rules set, meeting the needs of the organization and the employees. Managers will have full visibility of all the parts that make up a schedule, ensuring complete schedule coverage and easy management.

Employee self-service can be deployed, allowing employees to set schedule availability, swap shifts and request time off.

Automated Scheduling

Replace your paper or spreadsheet schedules with an automated scheduling tool that will modernize your scheduling and reduce costs.

Our automated scheduler uses rule-based scheduling with customized business rules specific to your organization, such as qualifications, seniority, or union agreements.

Reassigning missed shifts or last minute changes can be completed effortlessly and quickly using filters in the system to find qualified replacements.

Benefits of a Scheduling System

  • Streamline the scheduling process
  • Control overtime and reduce labor costs
  • Handle staffing fluctuations with ease
  • Quickly fill open shifts
  • Enforce employee work limits and necessary skills for shifts