Implementation and Training

Onsite Implementation

Good technical design can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. In addition, integrating technologies from multiple vendors can create confusion regarding responsibility and accountability. Today’s market requires quick response to opportunities and competition. To meet this need, ComTech provides time and labor management solutions along with implementation services that are not only comprehensive but also customized to meet your needs.

Companies that do business with ComTech can expect a partner that will be there through all phases of implementation – from the initial planning phases to the final roll-out. ComTech provides scalable levels of assistance that are tailored to each implementation. We transform your payroll/human resource departments into a cost-effective robust time and labor management environment that stands up to all departmental challenges.

Professional Implementation by ComTech speeds up the completion process, assures minimum downtime due to improper installation, and achievement of optimum system performance. Professional implementation from ComTech will speed up the installation process, assure minimum down-time due to improper system hookup, and help achieve optimum performance from your new Time and attendance system.

Web-Based and On-Site Training Available

ComTech Training can be provided in two ways:

Web-Based - Customers can get focused training without leaving their office with web-based trainings by ComTech training professionals.

On-Site Training - ComTech will send a certified technical representative and/or trainer to the customer's site to provide the customer with on-site setup and classroom style training.

ComTech’s Training service provides professional instructor-led training to make the transition to your time and attendance system as simple as possible for all of your employees. ComTech training sessions are designed to provide the tools your staff will need to use your system successfully in your business environment. Key concepts are taught using examples tailored to your businesses needs. Class sizes are kept small in order to facilitate the best hands-on learning experience, providing personal attention for all students.

Easy to follow training materials ensure that students can focus on learning rather than on taking notes, and that students have an easy-to-use reference guide for after class.

No matter which method you choose, professional setup and training from ComTech will assure you get the highest return on your investment from your time and attendance system.